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Life Is Hard, God Is Good, Let’s Dance

This book is about one idea: joy. A deep sense of well-being, regardless of circumstances, is not only possible but is promised to all who follow Jesus. Life is hard, but God is good. And through Him, we can start to see the world in a more childlike, humble, and optimistic way. Releases January 16th, 2024.

The (Young) Men We Need

The world needs young men to grow up into real men. But here’s the problem: young men get so many conflicting messages about what it means to be a man, they find it hard to know what masculinity looks like when men are at their absolute best.

The Men We Need

The world needs real men, real bad. And there are all sorts of conflicting ideas and messages about what a “real man” is (and is not). Is a real man one who hunts, loves sports, grills meat, fixes cars, and climbs mountains? Sure, sometimes. But that’s not really the point of being a man and it’s not the purpose for which men were made. Learn more about the book.

The Truth About Us

What would happen if you admitted you weren’t a good person? It’s a seemingly crazy question. From priests to prisoners, nearly everyone thinks they’re morally better than average. Why change our minds? Why admit the truth about ourselves?

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Blessed Are the Misfits

While American church culture (and American culture at large) seems largely designed for the extroverted, it’s estimated that half of the American population is introverted, and they’re often left wondering how, even if, they fit in the kingdom of God. As one of them, popular radio host Brant Hansen brings news. It’s wonderful, refreshing, and never-been-said-this-way-before good news.

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It turns out, giving up your “right” to be offended can be one of the most freeing, healthy, simplifying, relaxing, refreshing, stress-relieving, encouraging things you can do. It’s a radical, provocative idea: We’re not entitled to get offended or stay angry. The idea of our own “righteous anger” is a myth. It is the number one problem in our societies today and, as Dallas Willard says, Christians have not been taught out of it.

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I Want to Punch You In the
Face But I Love Jesus

Alright, ladies get the sweatpants and chocolate ready. That’s how I want you reading this book. No excuses, really. Sweatpants will be a part of the standard uniform. Chocolate is one of the nonnegotiable dietary requirements. (Disclaimer: If you’re a man buying this book for a woman in your life, do yourself a favor and accompany it with chocolate. Thank me later.)