Episode 1077 The Life Of A Grocery Cart

Shock Jock, In-Laws, Don’t Cry, Basic Kindness,, Power of Your Larynx, Brant’s 3 Things, Breaking Animal News, Being a Skeptic, Organizing Around God, BONUS CONTENT Dilemma Street;


“You can use the wind in your larynx to encourage and inspire or cut them to ribbons.”

“Jesus gave us an example of talking to God in really intimate terms.”

“Finley the Golden Retriever is making news.”

“You can be intelligent and commit to something that is true. ‘Skeptic’ doesn’t mean smarter.”

Comments - Be Kind to One Another

Meet Lorina

Lorina is a girl from Malawi with a limb deformity. Read her story.

Photo of Lorina before surgery Before
Question Mark After