Awesome New Book is Out! Woot!

by | Nov 5, 2019

So my new book (which I boldly referred to as “awesome” in the headline here) is now available! And here’s a discussion guide, in case you want to talk about it with people.

I promise:

1) This book will be fun to read and lighthearted.
2) This book will be a huge blessing to some people.
3) This book will also tick off a bunch of people

Yep. All three things. Because this book is about human nature. A theologically sophisticated friend of mine read it and loved it. “This is the most convincing account of human depravity I’ve ever read,” he said. “And it’s much funnier than Calvin.”

Calvin wasn’t a big hilarious goofball with rubber chickens and stuff, but I still take this as a compliment.

I hope it sparks a million conversations. Acknowledging our bias toward ourselves is not about a guilt trip. In the book, I lay out the argument that *everyone* is already unwittingly on a guilt trip, and admitting “the truth about us” is actually the only way off.

Me? I’m not a “good person.” There I said it.

But freedom is a beautiful thing.

Find out more about the book here. Free chapter available, too!