Want to Go to Alaska? They Have Bears You Guys

This is a sentence I thought I’d never type, but… Want to come with me to Alaska?

Not just me, of course. This is one of those summertime cruises to hit several ports-of-call, and there’ll be a lot of other people along, too. We’re honored to have our show on the WAY-FM radio network, and this is to celebrate WAY-FM’s 30th anniversary. There’ll be concerts and tons of fun. I’ll be sharing about “Unoffendable”, too.

My wife and I are excited. We’ve never been there, before, and we’ve always wanted to go.

If you’re interested, just click here to get the info.

Ten Reasons to Consider This Awesome Trip

  1. I promise I will spend the entire trip personally regaling you, non-stop, with FunFacts about Alaska.
  2. They have awesome bears and we can cuddle them. Probably. I haven’t asked about this, but I’m pretty sure.
  3. Cruises have all-you-can-eat meals. You know that means: Never-Ending River of Toast (TM).
  4. For King and Country will be joining us as well. You can ignore them if they start getting on your nerves.
  5. Rebecca St. James will be performing, too. I met her before and she won’t remember me but she’s real nice.
  6. This will cross off your Bucket List Item #14: Hang out with artist Brandon Heath… ON A GLACIER.
  7. They have bald eagles. They’re not on the protected list anymore, so maybe we can collect their eggs. Also haven’t asked about that, yet.
  8. Among other awesome places, we’ll be visiting Ketchikan, Alaska. I don’t need to remind you that Ketchikan, Alaska, is the SALMON CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. That’s right. I’m not leaving without a selfie with a salmon.
  9. Waterfalls and whales and hiking and they totally have otters. We all need more otters, you guys.
  10. Etc. and so forth and here’s some words to make this list an even ten yep.

Hope you can can consider it. I realize not everyone can afford a vacation like this, but this might be a great option for you or your family, and I wanted to let you know about it. I’m thrilled I get to go as a presenter. It looks unforgettable!

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