October 27th Oddcast!

Breaking Animal News Reporter, Forgiveness, Banning Fat People, Confusing Church Culture, SMIX Endorsement, Story Time w/Brant, Divisive Candy Corn, CURE Healing Picture, Our Brains and Lying, Silly vs. Reverence, Save the Alien Planet Humble vs. Proud, God Gives Us Choices;


“We have a new Breaking Animal News reporter. I don’t know his name yet, but he’s a friend.”

“We keep a list of sins that everyone else is doing and we think ours isn’t that bad but that isn’t how Jesus saw the world.”

“The most important statement is: Here’s this kingdom and the king wants you no matter what.”

“That was just my hot take on Candy Corn. I was just throwing it out there to be extreme and get attention.”

“This dog is too much. Does this country need this dog right now? No it doesn’t. Scale it back, folks.”


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