April 12th Oddcast!

Women Sizing Each Other Up, Miming the News, Social Tips from Brant, Politicians/Dads, A Gentle Word, Save the Alien Planet, National Tattoo Day, Honesty Cafe, Does Everyone Go to Heaven?, $218 Trillion Phone Bill;
“When I see candidates on campaign posters with their kids I want to vote against them so they can have more time with their kids.”
“That was a very physical mime. My makeup is a mess and I have to put my beret back on.”
“Gentleness is an effective way to help change people’s minds.”
“Blowing up the planet is so much more dramatic for everyone, Sherri.”
“When the Department of Zig says zig, I zag.”
“I’d like to get a tattoo of an owl with glasses across my whole back.”


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