March 10th Oddcast!

Turn the Planes Down, Downton Abbey Ending, The God You Don’t Believe In, Being Misunderstood, More Bird News, Identification Through Apps, Mr. Peanut, Don’t Make Your Bed, Not Being Fearful, Jesus Rose, Good Housekeeping Anxiety, Where to Start with Jesus;
“Mr. Peanut has gone through a lot of trouble to look good.”
“Because Jesus rose from the dead, I don’t have to fear anything. Even death is safe for me.”
“Downton Abbey became more about humans than World War 1. That’s I started not to like it.”
“When people encounter a professing Christian that isn’t dumb, they don’t know what to do with it.”
“I would like Hoppy the Kangaroo on Healthy Choice meals. I think it makes it more festive.”


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