February 18th Oddcast!

Ronda Rousey, The Brant Hansen Show Flowbee, Miming the News Response, Hide All Posts: Night To Shine, Driverless Cars and Naps, Kirk/Kanyae, FB Singles Mixer, The Caffeine Patch, Puppets and Weddings, The 2 + 6 Computer, The Accuser, Prayer & Distraction, Patience w/Opposing Ideas, The Giga-Mansion Math;
“Don’t put your self esteem in something that can be taken from you.”
“I’m not in MMA. I’m a radio guy and a stamp collector.”
“We get to point you towards a hope that won’t disappear.”
“Why was that the straw? Why is this camel’s  back broken?”
“Don’t be the person that’s grumbling when Jesus goes into Zaccheus’ house.”


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