February 4th Oddcast!

The Little Things, Secret Workouts, Honesty Cafe, When You Get Older, Key to Marriage, Women and Clothes, The New Colonel Sanders, Religions Aren’t the Same, Let’s Call Him Dave, Not Good People;
“If you’ve ever watched the Muppet Show, that’s what we are here. Sherri is
Scooter. I’m Gonzo.”
“God’s not impressed with you on the big stage. He wants your faithfulness over the little things.”
“We’re trying to be cool on this show. I’ve been told we don’t always make it there.”
“We’re doing Mad Lib radio.”
“You can take Jesus or leave him but what you can’t do is tell me he’s like
everybody else.”


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Meet Lorina

Lorina is a girl from Malawi with a limb deformity. Read her story.

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