October 22nd Oddcast!

Listener Uniform Question, No Apostrophe, Loving People, Octagon of Biblical Knowledge Exposure to Christians, Stories of Grace, Nerd Fight Over Star Wars, Welcome Misfits, 75 Hours of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, Sheep Stats/Discipleship, Rules to the Show
“The goals of the show: to encourage you and world domination.”
“Base the way you love people NOT on what they have done for you but on how God has loved you.”
“I want to get better and better of loving people.”
“Lord of the Rings is better than Star Wars There is no analog to Jar Jar Binks in Lord of the Rings. And I rest my case.”
“We have 2 dueling mottoes: Welcome Misfits and Stick Through the Hate.”


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Meet Angeline

Angeline is a girl from the Philippines with a limb deformity. Read her story.

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