October 20th Oddcast!

5 Cents Savings, New to the Show, People Are Crazy, The Transcription App, The Honesty Cafe, A Cashless Society, Many Paths to God, Nerd Fight
“People who don’t fight through the initial hate of the show…well, we don’t hear from them anymore.”
“Deep down we’re all flawed, we’re all broken.”
“If you’re going to be in community with people they are going to stress you and test you and be happy when that happens because that means you’re actually getting to know people.”
“We always think we’re going to achieve some Utopia at work. It’s never gonna happen.”
“Jesus doesn’t allow you to think the problems are from outside and the answers are inside me. He flips that upside down. You are the problem and HE is the answer. It takes humility to accept that.”
“I’m starting a nerd fight with the Star Wars’ People”


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