October 1st Oddcast!

Buying Mean People Coffee, Guys Building Each Other Up, The Grocery Story Conspiracy, God: Not a Means to an End, Hidden Fat Chemicals, Never Had a Big Mac, Stepdad at the Wedding, Step-Families,Who You Hang Out With, Keurig Soda Machine, Saying “Sorry”, The $75,000 Hotel Room, New to the Show
“Grace is like a bolt of lightning in a blue sky. It’s shocking. It’s refreshing. It’s beautiful.”
“There’s some kind of hidden chemical they’ve put in this pile of butter I just put on my biscuit”
“Loving your step mom or dad doesn’t mean you have to love your biological parent any less.”
“Who you hang out with determines how you think”
“We want this show to make  you feel like we knocked some stuff off your back and reminded you of how good God is.”

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