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Warning: “If you read this, you are choosing to enter the Danger Zone.”

So says one of the reviewers of Unoffendable, and he’s right on. Crazy, huh? A book about grace can be so challenging, so dangerous, and based on what seems to many like a crazy idea.

But read the reviews, if you get a chance. I’m thrilled they’re so positive, but I think it says as much about the reviewers as about the book.

Some people only read to be affirmed. Others read to consider new ideas, and even hoping that maybe, somehow, God has something to teach them. Something new, even challenging… and wonderful!

Some want a book about how other people should change. But this one is about you and me, and that’s dangerous. Of course, Jesus is dangerous, too… in the best way. He aims for the heart.

So you’ll notice something in the reviews: “A stick of dynamite.” “When Brant starts leading us to Scripture… we wonder why we’ve never heard about this before.”  “This hurts so good.” “I wanted to throw this book against the wall.” “A slap upside the head – the best way ever.”

It takes a special reader to say, “I want to be challenged. I want to see what Jesus has in store for me. I want to think about the implications of forgiveness. I want to take the next step with this.”

Unoffendable is about walking in radical forgiveness, and being so crazy about Jesus that we’re willing to say something as amazingly graceful as “Father, forgive them…

Again, if you’re looking for affirmation, many other books are available. If you’re up for a gut-level conversation with a friend and fellow straggler about Jesus, and what following him might look like… this may be exactly what you’re looking for.


What they’re saying:

This book hurts so good.  It’s bold kindness hit me like a gospel bomb. If you like feeling better than other people, you will not like this book. – Mike Donehey, Tenth Avenue North

If you choose to read this book, you are choosing to enter the Danger Zone.  If you choose to embrace the core message of this book, you will be freed to love in dangerous ways. And if you are serious about becoming more like Jesus, truly, then devour this book ASAP and then shout “FREEDOM!” from the top of your lungs.  – Dale Brantner, President/CEO CURE International

For years many of us have begged Brant Hansen to write a book. Finally, he has. Unoffendable was worth the wait. With humor and wisdom Brant pushes us to follow hard after Jesus and doesn’t let us off the hook with easy followerism. He calls us to drink from and serve others from the fountain of grace. – Lance Ford, author of UnLeader and Revangelical

I’m truly excited about “Unoffendable”- not just for the greater church that often seems stuck on the technicolor sins, but for my own heart.  Brant’s wisdom and stories are beckoning for me to choose wonder, gratitude, and hope over the entitlement and judgment that is so tempting to sit in. – Charlie Lowell, Jars of Clay and co-founder of Blood:Water

This book is an important and timely read for everyone, rich or poor, black or white, red or blue, young or old, male of female, gay or straight, Christian or not. It is enjoyable, easy to read, and challenges our very soul with the love of Jesus on every page. – Neil Cole, International speaker, church starter and author of Organic Church, Primal Fire and many other books.

In “Unoffendable,” Brant Hansen has produced a small stick of dynamite to throw into every crowd of complaining and contentious Christians who have lost sight of what Scripture teaches about the glory of overlooking an offense. A much needed book for the times. – Frank Viola, author of “God’s Favorite Place on Earth” and “From Eternity to Here.”

With his characteristic recipe of subversive humor and radical grace, Brant effectively calls all-too-easily-offended followers of Jesus to a far less grumpy witness and a whole lot less toxic faith.  A good antidote to the dis-graced faith we have become all to accustomed to. – Alan Hirsch, award winning author of ReJesus, The Shaping of Things to Come, and Untamed, among others.

Brant Hansen clearly hit it out of the park with UNOFFENDABLE. This book will help many, many people stop finding offense and free them to live the life they are meant to live! This book is truly a gift. – Bill Yeargin, President/CEO, CorrectCraft Holding Company

On the radio, Brant is one of the most engaging thinkers and communicators in the country. I’m so glad to see his style translates in book form, in Unoffendable. It’s fresh, joyful, freeing, and – in the very best way – it challenges us to the core. – John Frost, radio consultant, Goodratings Strategic Services

From more than 175 5-Star Amazon reviews:

SPOILER WARNING: This book will change you. Brant’s book may be one of the most honestly simple and yet profound expositions on living a joyful and Christ centered life that I’ve ever read! – Greg

I have never enjoyed being challenged this much before. – Kelly Danilson

This book is a 50/50 blend of grace and laughter — two of my favourite things. It’s like reading Dave Barry, but with
wisdom.  – Mike Taylor

He took on a topic I have never heard anyone else teach about. That’s not easy to do with someone who has spent a lifetime in the church. If you are skeptical at first about Hansen’s viewpoint, read until you reach the chapter “Beautiful Exceptions.” Then if you’re still leery, read on to the last half of the book. That section puts Unoffendable in the same class as Bob Goff’s Love Does and Brennan Manning’s The Ragamuffin Gospel.Steve Miller, Goodreads

As someone who struggles with anger, I found Unoffendable challenging. As someone who has invested my life in Biblical studies, I found Unoffendable’s Scriptural basis frustratingly accurate. – J. Worrall

If you have ever listened to Brant Hansen on the radio, you know that he has a somewhat “warped” sense of humor, and you never really know what he might say next. It’s the same in the book. He makes this concept a bit easier to digest because you know he is right there with you. – B. Powers

Hansen’s writing style is clear and simple. His book is expertly written. His logic is perfect. He’s funny. He’s not preachy or judgmental, even toward the judgmental. His book is excellent. – John Bird

Hansen writes the book in a conversational style and you will feel like he is sitting down at your table talking with you while enjoying a cup of coffee and toast. Honestly I’m not much of a reader, but I was thoroughly amused by his entertaining stories, challenged by his teaching about anger, and inspired by his humble attitude. – Daniel Watson

I have to say, reading it is one of the best things that has happened to me. Like a nice, firm slap upside the head…in the best possible way ever. 🙂 – Amazon customer

I love this book and the honest challenges it presents to us… an easy read, yet full of hard truths. Not in harsh ways… I constantly felt the love and grace of God coming off those pages. I was floored in many ways, and it has helped me examine my life daily to realize that I’m the prisoner when I hold onto offense and unforgiveness. I look forward to gifting this book to a lot of my friends and family! – Robin Scheidler

What an inspiration to read something like this book. It’s something I needed to hear. It’s something every Christian in the world needs to hear. And not only hear, but live by from here on out. – Ashlee W.

I wanted to throw this book at the wall. You should read it. Confronting unpleasant truths aside, this book is a delight to read. Brant’s style is conversational, funny, and honest. I felt like he was sitting in the room having a conversation with me. – M. Loder

It’s written in a way, and with a truth, that makes me want to go back and re-read each page over and over and over. My greatest wish? That I could afford a hundred of these books, so I could just hand them out to everyone. – Annie B.

This book has been life-changing and has helped open my eyes to my need for change in these areas. While this book is convicting, I never once put this book down feeling condemned or “shamed” by God. Actually the opposite! I felt encouraged that I can change. I felt the enormous love of Jesus shining through and encouraged to let that light shine through me! – Shane

This is a book that you must read slowly. Not because it’s difficult, but because these simple and foundational truths will have you sitting in bed with your mouth hanging open. Or dope-slapping yourself. Or crying. Or laughing out loud (literally) and sharing that nugget on Facebook or Twitter. – Amazon customer

When Brant starts leading us to Scripture… we wonder why we’ve never heard about this before. – TheophilusFarrell4

This book is kinda like Batman. It’s not the book we wanted, its the book we needed. Or something like that. This book has challenged me more than anything I’ve read in a long time. For me it was easy to say ‘oh yeah, the concept of not getting offended sounds good’ but what it actually means, what it implies, is a beautiful stretch for me. And if you are like me, you automatically have a list of ‘yeah, but there are some things you SHOULD be offended at.’ As soon as I’d come up with an extremely practical example, I’d read a chapter that addressed it directly, and Biblically, leaving me saying ‘huh. He’s right again.’ There just isn’t room in your life to be offended if you are seeking to be like Jesus. – Amazon Customer

Brant hit me in the gut right from the start, responding to his own title in much the same way I did (“Yeah, right.”), and then convincing me by the sixth page of the absurdity of my being offended and “righteous anger,” as it is so often called. The next two hundred pages were yummy gravy…and mashed potatoes…and more gravy…and more potatoes. The point: it’s good—really good.Brant challenges you with very clear truth, but keeps it fun the entire time. Few books can be considered life changing. This one can. It’s a difficult concept, but so freeing. Rarely do books hit me right between the eyes and directly challenge how I live my life. Brant’s book has its moments of hilarity, but it also had moments where I felt deeply moved to the point of tears – Dave Wonders

This book, though at first seemed like a ridiculous concept, turned out to be one of the most eye-opening, convicting books I have read in awhile. Where some might see conviction as a turn off, I see it as a much needed reality check that leads to a happier life. – Molly Hanson

He is brilliant in his logical, self-effacing simplicity so that you are left with a pretty clear picture of how to rise above the culture war which tries to justify behavior that was never ours to exhibit. Get this book, as thinking like this is rare. – J. Battaglia

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