August 7th Podcast!

God Knows You, Why Do We Pray?, Haggle Desk, The Wallaby and Teddy Bear Hug, God Retaliating to People, What Happens When You Believe, High Voltage Bed, Brant’s Bike Basket, Non-Awesome Super Powers, Facebook Work Space, When You Mess Up, Survival School, Son with Asperger’s, Facts on an Airplane
“God knows you through and through and He loves you. Can you actually breathe that in?”
 “If you’re looking for a less violent wake up experience, that’s fine.”
“I have a beef with normal people. We abnormal people have real questions for you.”
“When God changes you He makes you more loving, more patient, and more joyful”


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Meet Daniel

Daniel is a boy from Ethiopia with a bone condition. Read his story.

Photo of Daniel before surgery Before
Question Mark After