July 31st Podcast! Plus Outtakes!

God Loves Babies, Charadio, Social Tips, Snake in the Tub, Back to School, The Selfie-Stick, God Flips Everything Upside Down, The IKEA Game, Breaking Hamster News, Praying for Friends, OUTTAKE REEL
“Who am I do welcome you to any day of the week? Who do I think I am?”
“I’m so thankful that God is a healer and that He loves to stitch little lives back together”
“My new album is entitled ‘It’s on the Mime'”
“God is continually choosing who you and I wouldn’t choose”
“Hamsters are more optimistic when they have access to a hammock”


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Meet Daniel

Daniel is a boy from Ethiopia with a bone condition. Read his story.

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