July 17th Podcast!

The  Wonder of Pluto, McDonald’s Needs More Balloons, Stories of Grace, Magnets and Cars, Loving Different Things Because of Jesus, Save the Alien Planet, An Apology To Women, Going to the Dentist
“This show is constantly throwing out ideas that are not accepted by the general public”
“We’re just a small particle riding on a spec of dust in space and He loves us. That is absolutely mind blowing”
“Ignore me at your own peril McDonald’s”
“People that wouldn’t normally buy a car will buy it if there is a balloon tied to the mirror”
“When you are a follower of Jesus you start to see things differently. I think it’s because He’s gradually replacing our eyes with His.”

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Meet Lorina

Lorina is a girl from Malawi with a limb deformity. Read her story.

Photo of Lorina before surgery Before
Question Mark After