May 20th Podcast! Plus Bonus Material: Complaint Letters!

BONUS MATERIAL: Complaint Letters!!!, Americans and Listening, Skype Rules, Introvert/Extrovert, History Segment: Checks, Marriage Advice, Hatred to Friends, Good News, Arguing with Non-Christians, The Voice(Mail), Deal Breaker: Uh-huh, If Jesus Is Who He Said He Is, He Still Loves You
“What are the rules for Skype or Facetime…are we just supposed to lock eyes and not blink?”
“It’s easier for people to think well of you when you’re an extrovert”
“Maybe the title of our show should be: From Hatred to Friends.”
“If the whole world that’s been operating under this idea that they have to appease God somehow found out that He’s already appeased because of what He’s
already done for us”
“Everyone is religious by nature. You worship something. You serve something.”
“I would never call grace ‘cheap’ but it better be free. Cause I got nothin to pay for it.”


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