May 7th Podcast!

Epic Phone Battle, Other Ladies, Save the Alien Planet, Mother’s Day Spending, When You Don’t Like Someone…, World Class Accordion Player, Cure International, Brant’s Son, Awkward Jog of Gratitude
“You can’t say what type of phone you like. Android or iPhone. Once you say one or the other…people take up camps. Banners flying. Oaths taken to avenge.”
“Brant’s slow jam is impactful in it’s bizarreness”
“I tried to be like Barry White, but I ended up sounding like Kevin Spacey, then I
swerved into Froghorn Leghorn, and ended it with Colonel Sanders.”
“We tried to make up for the deficits we have in professionalism with epicness”
“Separate what people are doing from who  they are. It will help you be FOR that person and pray for that person”


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