May 6th Podcast!

CURE International, The Advice Goats, Church Sports League Anger, Asperger’s and Knowing Jesus, God Mad Us All Differently, Finding Things With Tags, Cancel the Prom…ALL Proms, National Beverage Day, Octagon of Knowledge, Do You REALLY Want To Be Known?
“We are the only program with Advice Goats. Until people start stealing them”
“God uses people on the margins that don’t fit the mainstream”
“Will we allow God to change us? That’s the question for all of us whether you have your hands raised or not”
“The National Beverage Association can kinda play me cause I need coffee. But I’m not getting played all the way.”
“Just one everlasting love can really make a pretty big difference.”

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Daniel is a boy from Ethiopia with a bone condition. Read his story.

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