April 22nd Podcast!

demo-cover2Deal Breaker: Uncle Sam All the Time, Toast-ception, To Hydrate or Not, Ways to Say I Love You, Brant=Uncle Jesse, Our Most Compelling Need, Processing Anger, Makin Friends, The Unoffendable Hall of Fame, A Bird Passes Out
“If you’re looking for actual acceptance that matters, God is the only one that is ever constant”
“Where did you get the rule that you’re entitled to anger? It’s not in the Bible.”
“I haven’t even had enough coffee to tell you off”
“Stephen’s dog is going in the Unoffendable Hall of Fame”
“We may start a new feature called ‘Bird News'”


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Meet Angeline

Angeline is a girl from the Philippines with a limb deformity. Read her story.

Photo of Angeline before surgery Before
Question Mark After