April 16th Podcast!

God Knows You, Sherri vs. Baby Birds, Brant’s Book Giveaway Contest, Stories of Grace, Book Release Party, Ideal Listener, Wisdom, Just Like Friends, A Book About Worry, Throw Away Battleship, Colonel Mustard’s Last Stand
“The thing about grace, when you see it…you never forget it”
“Somehow, someway, God knows my actual thoughts, how I really am… and STILL loves me.”
“Ask me about 1935 Sci-Fi stuff”
“We don’t ask much on the show…just that you assimilate yourself into an army of minions willing to do my bidding”
“You don’t HAVE to get wiser as you get older. Hopefully you will”


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Meet Angeline

Angeline is a girl from the Philippines with a limb deformity. Read her story.

Photo of Angeline before surgery Before
Question Mark After