April 6th Podcast!

Brackets of Awesomeness Final Match-up, Unoffendable Google Hangout Book Release Party, The Monday Song, Asperger, The Unoffendable Frank Kaminsky, When Kids Stare, When Sherri Met Brant, Jesus in the Movies
“I’ll be making toast and I’ll have a bow time on”
“Death is the enemy and it has been defeated”
“Sherri saw me as a mixture between a swashbuckling archaeologist and a wizard from middle earth”
“It’s unlikely that Jesus actually had movie star good looks”
“If you’re a follower of Jesus, you’ve got to want to be around people and people have got to want to be around you”
“As you learn more about Jesus, not the trappings we’ve put on him culturally, but more about God himself, you’re gonna be drawn to him”
“It’s striking when you see someone use grace”


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