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Brant Is Oblivious, The “No” Phone, How Jesus Looked, No Superstition, Robots and God, Brant’s Hair Cut, The “Beats” Cord, They Wish It Were True, Men ARE Funny, Knowing God’s Will, Bad Hair Cut, God and Simplicity, BONUS-CHRIS TOMLIN INTERVIEW
“If I’m reading something, there can be explosions going off and I won’t hear them. I’m oblivious.”
“Most people have an image of Jesus in their mind and they’re wrong.”
“God sets us free from karma.”
“I want my hair back. It’s in a landfill somewhere. I’d like it back.”
“My headphones are from Radio Shack but the cord is from Dr. Dre “Beats”. I’m feeling cooler.”
“Go ahead an admit that every guy is hilarious. All of us.”


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