The Oct 31 Radio Show

demo-cover2All sorts of stuff: Halloween Is Not the Devil’s Day, Fantasy Football Injuries, Kamikaze Karaoke, Righteous Anger, Candy Corn, The Candy Apology Song, Lord of the Rings Centerpiece, Married Early, God Redeems, Anti-Toast Propaganda

Producer Sherri’s Fave Quotes:
“When God has His way beautiful things happen. He takes what was intended for evil and He makes it good.”
“Every Sunday that rolls around is a fresh opportunity for the guys on my fantasy football team to injure themselves in new and exciting ways.”
“I have a gift and I will not hide it under a bushel.”
“Celebrating today because it’s the last day we have candy corn foisted upon us”
“We don’t need anti-toast propaganda on this show”


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Angeline is a girl from the Philippines with a limb deformity. Read her story.

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