Those Darn Christians, Brant’s Traveling Underwear, and EVEN MORE

demo-cover2I started gettin’ all agitated about a article about Christians and medicine. Then Sherri rated my rant. Then I rated her rating. Tben it went downhill from there. PLUS, lots of awesome stuff about National Smile Day and Brant’s Traveling Underwear and other topics.

Producer Sherri’s Fave Quotes (TM) from the show:

“I have a bee in my bonnet.”

“You notice none of the Presidents are smiling on dollar bills. That would have made our day. We would have been like ‘this is my last $5, but look at Abe smiling. That guy is just a big cut up.’”

“There’s gonna be a knock on the door and it’s gonna be my underwear.”

“How many Christian Theocracies are there? Zero”

“For all the posing and all the ripping down of the church that happens, we see these Christians who are heroes staying in the Ebola zone to serve.”

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