Lift High the Hedgehog of Exultation: The New Radio Show is Coming!

…and you are invited. And you’re welcome, and you’re needed, too, by the way.

We invite you to not just listen, but to be a part of things.

Some FunFacts about the new show:

1) We don’t know, yet, all the stations that will be carrying it. More in the works, so below is a starter list.

2) Not sure yet, what time of day we’ll be on. It’ll vary by station. We’ll let you know.

3) The show starts October 20th!

4) I’m actually not getting paid for this show, per se. Seriously. And that’s actually fine. I work for CURE full-time, so my family is fine for now. I’m going to be doin ga lot of things for them, speaking and writing, but we thought this would be a good use of part of my workday. The “pay” for me is that this is a means for me to not only talk about Jesus, and the scandalously wonderful Good News, but also what God is doing through CURE. Sherri is being paid by our syndication partner. Stations who air the show will agree to share about CURE!

CURE is considered one of “the best kept secrets” in the world, and you know what? Enough of that. These kids should not be a secret, and what God is doing should not be a secret, anymore. 

So thankful for stations who not only want our show, but want to be part of the spiritual and healing ministry happening for kids in CURE hospitals.

5) My family and I are staying in California for another year, then planning to move to Pennsylvania. This is because we want to freeze to death, and also to work at CURE’s headquarters. I’m excited about that. And Sherri’s from PA, so that works nicely. Lloyd has decided to move to PA as well, mostly to be near Sherri in hopes she’ll finally interview him.

6) As always, we want you to be part of the show. We’ll have to be creative about this, since the show will air at different times in different places. We’ll use the Facebook page a lot, our Twitter thing, and we’ll set up a texting number to get your input on stuff and use it on the show. Mostly so I can get your opinion on Alien IQ Deals, and then tell you why you’re wrong, etc. That kind of thing. That’s my job.

6) We hope to continue doing the podcasts. We’re really enjoying that. Plus, once we get a legit studio, I can use my epic sound effects and stuff, and that will awesome-it-up a lot.

7) It’s kinda weird, but neither Sherri nor I am gung-ho about doing a radio show, per se. When I was 20, I was really excited about having a microphone, and on occasion having someone know who I was. Those days are over. What DOES get us motivated is the chance to tell an lonely culture, and an exhausted religious culture, about a God who brings joy, and REST. Finally.  Plus, we have a blast laughing with you about stuff.

So there’s stuff to say, and laughs to be had. Let’s do this!

Here are the stations so far, and more to come. (If you want your local Christian music station to carry our show, you can certainly kindly let them know! Just like requesting a song. “I’d like to request more accordion on this station, and here’s a way we could do that…”)

WordFM stations (Pennsylvania and Maryland)

88.1 FM  WARWICK, PA (Chester County, Pa)


88.3 FM  CHAMBERSBURG, PA (Cumberland Valley, Gettysburg)

88.3 FM  EAST NOTTINGHAM, PA (Oxford Valley, Pa Region)

88.7 FM  STROUDSBURG, PA (Lehigh Valley)

88.9 FM SELLERSVILLE, PA (Bucks/Montgomery County, Pa)

89.1 FM HAWLEY, PA (Pocono Region)

89.1 FM MOHRSVILLE, PA (Reading Area)

90.1 FM NEWBURG, PA (West of Carlisle, Pa on Turnpike)



90.7 FM YORK, PA (Lancaster Pa Region)

90.9 FM HONESDALE, PA (Scranton, Pa)

91.7 FM HAGERSTOWN, MD (Cumberland Valley Region)

91.9 FM WYOMISSING (Reading, Pa)

WAY-FM Network stations

Alabama Anniston 107.3 WAYU-FM

Alabama Auburn 91.9 WAYW-FM

Alabama Birmingham 89.9 WAYW-FM

Alabama Cullman 98.1 WAYH-FM

Alabama Florence 99.5 WAYH-FM

Alabama Gadsden 91.1 WAYU-FM

Alabama Huntsville 88.1 WAYH-FM

Alabama Killen 95.3 WAYH-FM

Alabama Montgomery 91.5 WAYM-FM

Alabama Montgomery 91.9 WAYM-FM

Alabama Muscle Shoals 98.7 WAYH-FM

Alabama Steele 91.1 WAYH-FM

Colorado Brush 89.1 KBWA-FM

Colorado Colorado Springs 103.1 WAY-FM

Colorado Denver 101.9 KXWA-FM

Colorado Ft Collins 93.9 KCWA-FM

Colorado Pueblo 90.9 KRWA-FM

Colorado Sterling 107.7 KXWA-FM

Colorado Trinidad 89.7 KJWA-FM

Florida Fort Myers 89.5 WAYJ-FM

Florida Panama City 88.3 WAYP-FM

Florida Stuart 96.7 WAYF-FM

Florida Tallahassee 88.1 WAYT-FM

Florida West Palm Beach 88.1 WAYF-FM

Georgia Cordele 88.3 WAYW-FM

Georgia Rome 90.3 WAYM-FM

Indiana Evansville 91.9 WAYW-FM

Kansas Wichita 90.7 KYWA-FM

Kentucky Bowling Green 88.1 WAYD-FM

Kentucky Central City 88.1 WAYW-FM

Kentucky Madisonville 90.3 WAYM-FM

Kentucky Murray 106.1 WAYM-FM

Kentucky Owensboro 91.3 WAYW-FM

Oregon Portland 104.5 WAY-FM

South Carolina Charleston 100.9 WAYA-FM

South Carolina Mount Pleasant 101.3 WAY-FM

Tennessee Chattanooga 90.9 WAYW-FM

Tennessee Clarksville 88.3 WAYQ-FM

Tennessee Cleveland 89.3 WAYM-FM

Tennessee Columbia 99.3 WAYM-FM

Tennessee Cookeville 90.5 WAYJ-FM

Tennessee Nashville 88.7 WAYM-FM

Tennessee New Johnsonville 89.9 WAYFM

Washington Spokane 89.1 WAYW-FM

Liberty University Radio Network stations

Roanoke Rapids, NC WVRP 91.1

Zebulon, NC WVRD 90.5

Norlina, NC WVRH 94.3

Elizabeth City, NC WVRL 88.3


Lynchburg WRVL 88.3

Petersburg WVRL 104.1

Waynesboro WVRL 100.3

Winchester WVRL 102.1

Woodbridge WVRL 89.7

Berryville WVRL 89.5

Front Royal WVRL 98.9

Harrisonburg WVRL 101.3

Pulaski WVRL 106.5

Wytheville WVRL 100.9

Marion WVRL 105.1

South Boston WVRL 103.7

Williamsburg WVRL 100.1

Charlottesville WVRL 96.7

Warrenton WVRL 91.7

Newport News WVRL 96.9

Richmond WVRL 94.9

Virginia Beach WVRL 98.3

Suffolk WVRL 107.3

Clifton Forge WVRI 90.9

Enfield WVRA 107.3

Plus, more than 70 ChristianFM-affiliated stations, including:

Delaware The Bridge 88.7 FM

New Orleans, The Bridge 88.7 FM The Bridge

New York state, Sound of Life Network

WLJH 90.7 FM- Glens Falls, New York

WSSK 89.7 FM – Saratoga Springs, New York

WPGL 90.7 FM – Schenectady, New York

WPGL 94.9 FM – Albany / Troy, New York

WGKR 105.3 FM – Grand Gorge, New York

WHVP 91.1 FM – Hudson, New York

WFGB 89.7 FM – Kingston, New York

WGWR 88.1 FM – Liberty, New York

WFGB 89.1 FM – Pawling, New York

WFGB 88.3 FM – Newburgh, New York

WRPJ 88.9 FM – Port Jervis, New York

WLJP 89.3 FM – Monroe, New York

 More to come…


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