Double-Length Podcast! And the Second Half is Very Important

demo-cover2This podcast is INCREDIBLY good, and it’s not because of me or Sherri.

The first half of the podcast is typical us, talking about stuff (The healing power of masking tape, the Joke Lab! is back, Facebook and Ferguson, and other stuff.)

But then Michael John Cusick is our guest, and we talk about his book Surfing for God, and what he’s learned about the search for God through his own struggles with pornography, and counseling others. I recommend listening to this, even if you skip the Brant and Sherri part of the podcast! it’s that important, and what he says is better than just “advice”… it’s GOOD NEWS.

Even if YOU don’t struggle in this area, listen to it. It might help you understand others, and you’ll relate in your own addictions (and we all have them, even if we’re just addicted to ourselves…)

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