If Jesus Had a Blog: My Feet Suddenly Smell Awesome

by | Jul 5, 2014

So we’re back at Panera, and I’m using Matthew’s MacBook “Air”. This is something of a minor miracle, since it’s like the first time he’s let me touch it. He bought it back when he was making all the cash.

Anyway – before he gets scared I’m going to break it, here’s the crazy thing that happened last night:

A very public religious leader invited me over for dinner. They love to do that, because I’m apparently the “it” guy right now, and I guess it looks good for them to hobnob with celebrity. (Helps them sell more books or something.)

So I’m reclining at his table, and a woman comes in whom they consider a tramp. She comes IN the room, and she’s crying. I’m not exaggerating. She’s sobbing. She’s so sorry for what she’s done, and she so wants forgiveness, to be okay with my Father again.

She brings everything she has, a jar of wonderful perfume, and pours it on my feet!

And she cries, and mops up her tears from my feet with her hair.

I read the thoughts of the religious leader. He doubted I was really close to God, because if I were, I wouldn’t let her do that. She’s “dirty”, you know.

She humbled herself. She’s forgiven.

Like I say to the religious big-shots in Matthew 21 (there’s a plug for you, Matt) “The tax collectors and prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you.”

I meant it. And I mean it.

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Jesus, I don’t to want argue with you. I’m very involved in my church. But I think maybe this is taking a good point a bit far. This woman in your story got emotional, but to act like she’s closer to the Kingdom because of it – I just don’t think that’s very responsible. There are many things she needs to study, many excellent conferences and books and studies she needs to get involved in before I think you can say that.

– loretta193

Ya I agree with Loretta up there. You can’t just live like that and then be all “Oh I’m so sorry” and act like your ok. And telling really good people that they aren’t as good as this lady is kind of wrong and irresponsible.

– jtr

Dude, Matthew’s got a MacBook Air? That’s sweet. Love Macs.

– jeffc

“Jeffc” we are not supposed to love the things of this world. Shame on you for writing that on Jesuses own blog. U better hope he doesn’t read the comments

– shelly_b

Well, it’s interesting to me that you would use your blog to advertise Apple products, Jesus. Real interesting. Steve Jobs was a very un-Christian man. Apple is known to partner with groups that stand at odds with our values. Using your platform to extol the “virtues” of sexual sinners is bad enough, but it seems like you’re intent on being “hip” at the expense of Truth.

– bdsmith20

Good grief, people, he’s not endorsing Apple. He just said he’s using one.

If he were buying a computer, there’s no way he would be overpaying to get a Mac when PC’s are every bit as good, if not better, now. It’s not 2002 anymore.

– halo3pwn

So Jesus wouldn’t buy a Mac? So he’d have to buy like a stupid Dell, because he likes waiting 15 years for his computer to reboot? That’s ignorant.

– jeffc

Your ignorant to, jeffc

– jacobR

I think Jesus is just exaggerating to make a point, here. He knows that good, moral religious leaders are really heroes. But there are a few bad ones, and that’s who he’s talking about.

He certainly isn’t saying that someone who sleeps around and has no religious training can suddenly be closer to God than people known for their excellent preaching and values.

– SueWTimmons

Actually, Sue, I’m thinking Jesus IS saying PRECISELY that someone who sleeps around and has no religious training can suddenly be closer to God than people known for their excellent preaching and values.

– William

No way, William. Think about it: If Jesus really were saying that, it would mean our entire system is upside-down. All of the good things I’ve done, and all of my training, my talents, would just be worthless, unless I suddenly make myself like this sinner-woman.

Nope. Not very Godly.

– SueWTimmons

So my sister totally works at Panera in Nain!!!  She says she saw u in there and u guys were laughing a lot and left a big tip in the jar and she says thank U!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

– sarai_g

Jesus. Seriously. Quit being so extreme with this grace business. I’m all for grace but The Bible is all about BALANCE.

– bren4oo2



Well, Jesus, the BIBLE says differently. Unclean people will NOT inherit the kingdom of God. Let’s see how she behaves over the next several years before we go acting like she’s suddenly okay and making people think sexual immorality is no big deal. READ THE BIBLE.

– standard_bearer_214

jesus i heard that lady cried. i hope u hugged her

u know what??

i bet u did

– horsegurl2004



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