Greetings, Humans

Hello, new and old friends. Here’s a “What happened to Brant?” update on this, my new website.

As you see in the photo below, the site is already uniting people of all races and backgrounds. And it hasn’t even really totally “started” yet. THAT IS HOW POWERFUL THIS WEBSITE IS.

It better be, since it cost me like $20.

This site will contain thoughts on God and culture, plus podcasts, and, IF, for some reason, I am not able to come up with new, thoughtful content, I will employ photos of baby ferrets and stuff.*

If you’ve been a listener to our radio show, please know this: I’m heartbroken over the end of the show. I’ve counted every day as an honor to be able to have a platform like that. People listen to Christian music radio for a number of reasons, and people are all over the map in their beliefs about, and maturity in, Christ. To be able to talk to so many about Jesus, and to be ourselves in the process, was a beautiful thing.

A couple FAQ’s:

1. Where did Brant Hansen go?

Pretty much nowhere. I’m still living in NorCal. We want to stay near our boy, who’s in college. Whatever my next job is, I’m hoping it allows me to stay for awhile. I don’t have a plan right now.

I’m asking God for help and wisdom on that. It’s weird not knowing. We’re pretty much addicted to groceries, here, so I’m thankful there may be some options soon.

2. Why did Brant leave Air1?

Sometimes, when people seem to disappear from media, especially “Christian media”, we suspect the worst, like a moral scandal. Please know there’s nothing like that, here. Of course, I’m still a walking moral scandal – we all are – but no, there’s no Big Story like that, here. It was a very painful decision I made.

I know that doesn’t answer the question, but it’s about all I want to say.

…except for this: There are some truly wonderful people who work for Air1. So many fun, servant-hearted people, who are there because they view their work as a ministry. I will miss them, dearly.

And I’ll miss the show, itself. I’m grieving the loss of it. Working with Sherri (what’s next for her is up in the air, too, as of this writing) has been pure joy.

Beyond that, simply getting to be part of your life, and getting to blow up alien planets and talk about the goodness of God and then dismantle listeners in the Octagon of Knowledge and write goofy songs and genuinely, heartily laugh – well… I’ll miss that.

And Club Awesome.

Oh my goodness, I’ll miss Club Awesome. Mostly the phone calls during Club Awesome. We laughed and laughed and laughed.

Now, I can’t even think about this. I’m going to get more emotional. Trying not to do that.

Maybe it’ll all turn up somewhere again. I don’t know. But I’m grieving it. It hurts. And that’s why I’m actually typing this draft at 3:51 a.m.


So we’ll see what’s next! I have a book coming out, published by Thomas Nelson, in Spring 2015. And I do plan to do more radio right here on this website. Plus, there’ll be lots of writing, about God and us. And also toast. And stuff like “If Jesus Had a Blog”. And discussions about LotR. And probably otters** and also robots and I JUST HAD AN IDEA FOR ROBOTIC OTTERS.

So please subscribe, get on the email list, and join the new Facebook page!

I don’t know what’s next, but I know this: I want to stay friends.

*- In other words, this site is pretty much going to be nothing but photos of baby ferrets and stuff.

** – Not sea otters. River otters. I don’t talk about sea otters, and that’s just a personal policy and I hope you can respect that.

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