Netflix Movie Review: “Arbitrage”: But This Site Seriously Won’t Let Me Delete This Photo of Piglets


I’m trying to write this movie review of “Arbitrage”, but I seriously can’t seem to delete this photo of piglets. I mean, if you click on the article, it looks okay, but not on the front page.

My friend Matt was trying to fix this, but I said, “Don’t worry about it,” because I actually like this photo of piglets better than “Arbitrage”.

If you compare and contrast the piglets photo and “Arbitrage” with Richard Gere, I think you’ll find an edge for the piglet photo. “Arbitrage” is about this guy who’s just kind of a jerk, and stays a jerk. The piglets are less morally culpable, and that’s appealing.

Also: They’re all snuggled up in a bag, and that’s pretty cool.

The photo of piglets doesn’t have any real plot progression. So I’ll call that a tie with “Arbitrage”.

Eventually, I’m going to figure out how to “do” this website, and we will miss moments like this.

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