December 1st Oddcast! Plus Bonus Content!


Christmas Car Commercials, Change/Renovations, Prescription Drug vs. Tolkien Elf, The One Seat Car, Honesty Cafe, When Kids Don’t Get What They Want, Introvert/Extrovert, 117 Years Old and No Veggies,  The Christmas Story, Hansen’s Holiday Helpline Headquarters Hotline, Deal Breaker: 6 Months with Reindeer Antlers, Nothing Shall Separate Us, BONUS MATERIAL: What We’re Watching/Reading;


“You’re supposed to help people and you don’t even remember the name of your own hotline.”

“If you want to be changed just know renovation sometimes is an ugly process before it gets better.”

“You’ll have to lean on your prescription drug knowledge.”

“A lot of time loving other people mean just showing up and being happy to be there.”


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