May 9th Oddcast!

After Mother’s Day, Wounds That Heal, Entertainers Worth the Money, The Character of a Parent, $250 Million Apartment, Listening to Unbelievers, I Saw the Light, Women Smelling Like Chicken, Being an Introvert, Joke Spa, Lunch with Tim Cook, You’re Welcome Here, Not Mad at Sinners, Mime the News;
“I have to trust God and be willing to let someone have the last word.”
“People in lab coats have determined this to be true.”
“On the list of ‘How to get a man’ put ‘smell like chicken’ on the list.”
“The unpacking of the joke is stressful.”
“There’s gonna be some miming. There’s gonna be some talk about Jesus. Stay tuned to see in what order.”


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Daniel is a boy from Ethiopia with a bone condition. Read his story.

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