Welcome Misfits

We can’t wait to meet you!!

Date City Info
11/27/17 West Palm Beach, FL Journey Church
11/28/17 Vero Beach, FL Christian FM
12/2/17 Hagerstown, MD Word FM
1/4/18 Lynchburg, VA The Journey
1/5/18 Jeffersonville, IN WAY FM
1/6/18 Cincinnati, OH Star 93.3
1/11/18 Hazel Green, AL WAY FM
1/12/18 Tallahassee, FL WAY FM
1/13/18 Panama City, FL WAY FM
1/18/18 Indianapolis, IN Shine FM
1/19/18 Bourbonnais, IL Shine FM
1/20/18 Ft. Wayne, IN Star
1/25/18 Riverside, CA KSGN
1/26/18 Visalia, CA KDUV
1/27/18 Bakersfield, CA KDUV
Photo of Brant


Photo of Sherri


Photo of Jason


Sherri and I (Brant) are visiting these places. We’ll be doing some sketches and some stand-up and some other goofiness.


I am totally bringing my accordion

That’s right. Gird yourself.

And we’ll also talk about God’s heart for those of us who don’t fit in so easily.

We’re bringing a friend, too: Jason Gray is coming along to provide (additional) musical excellence.

It’s going to be a blast. Hope you can make it! Just click on the links to the left to get more info.

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