Halloween and Christians and “Sir Toppings” and Other Awesome Ideas


demo-cover2We talk about Halloween and Christians and freedom and pagan traditions and all that stuff.

Plus, Sherri MARVELS at my ideas for new businesses! “Sir Toppings” and a restaurant called “Encrusto’s”, that will both rock the business world. We talk about a big tipping story that went viral (that had more to the story, ahem.) And since we recorded just after my emergency root canal, the dentist becomes an issue.

Producer Sherri’s fave quotes:

“Sir Toppings is my idea for a drive thru where you can get toppings for anything you buy. Pepperoni, Sprinkles,  Just toppings.”

“I think it’s wonderful to tip more than a person deserves. I think it’s GRACE!”

“There’s something about the tendency of some religious folks to make things off limits to folks, based on their own conscience.”

“I like GK Chesterson’s conception that nature is like our little sister. It’s something we should protect and love and it makes us laugh and enjoy and there’s a lightheartedness to it and it’s beautiful.”

“Encrustos is my restaurant concept where everything on the menu you can get encrusted with something else on the menu. It can be in my restaurant portfolio with Sir Toppings.”

“The more pet peeves a person has, the less interesting that person is to me.”


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